arso is an open project to research and build tools for the decentralized preservation and exploration of information and media.

Today, a lot of our information, our media and our history is stored and managed by large tech companies like Google or Facebook. We think this has to change. It's not only a question of trust and privacy. The question also is how to ensure the availability of our collections over several years. They just should not be gone with the next end of some private internet platform.

We want to redefine what the web is and should be. With arso, we develop tools to push these boundaries.

arso for ...


With Archipel, it's easy to share material in a future-proof way. We envision Archipel to be used to store, share and collaborate on collections of texts, audio recordings, videos and other data.


We work with the Dat stack, and strive to make it easy to build p2p apps in a modern way. Archipel is plugin based and can easily be extended. It utilizes hyperlib which itself is designed for reusability.


Our peer-to-peer tools make it easy to mirror collections. Redundancy and automatic copying increase the security of your data. Planned features make it easy to find items in collections.


Go share your stuff! Share it with anybody you like, in a private and secure manner, without anybody else knowing aboout the shared content.

Current projects


Our first app. Think of it as a peer-to-peer cloud storage with more to come. Usable as a web or desktop app. Funded by the Prototype Fund


Hyperlib makes working with the hyper*stack easy.


Bermuda is a community project to build a sustainable archive of open media from grassroots initiatives and social movements.


  • stage1: store and share

    a peer to peer file exchange

    status: in development - archipel, hyperlib

  • stage2: search and find

    an intelligent and decentralized information indexing, processing, and summarizing/reasoning framework

    status: planned

  • stage3: create

    a multi-modal interactive editing and browsing interface

    status: planned

technical overview

  • dat stack
  • react