arso is an open project to research and build tools for the decentralized preservation and exploration of information and media.

We're developing tools to make it easy to share media collaboratively without relying on centralized services. We aim for networks of likeminded individuals and institutions that help each other with keeping things online. By working with state-of-the-art peer to peer protocols, we want to reduce reliance on centralized infrastructure and enable novel collaboration models that are based on bottom-up and grassroots models.

Current projects


Sonar is a p2p database and search engine running on top of the dat stack.


Our first app. Think of it as a peer-to-peer cloud storage with more to come. Usable as a web or desktop app. Funded by the Prototype Fund. We are working on version 2 which will be based on Sonar.


Bermuda is a community project to build a sustainable archive of open media from grassroots initiatives and social movements.