arso is a software development collective. We research and build tools for the decentralized preservation and exploration of information and media.

We're developing tools to make it easy to share media collaboratively without relying on centralized services. We aim for networks of likeminded individuals and groups who empower each other by sharing and preserving content and media. By working with state-of-the-art peer to peer protocols, we want to reduce reliance on centralized infrastructure and enable novel collaboration models that are based on bottom-up and grassroots models.

Current projects


Repco is an open source tool to exchange content between community media publishers. It is made up of content repositories using technologies like IPLD, UCANs and CAR streams. Repco nodes form a decentralized network, enabling seamless and authenticated exchange of content and metadata.

Open Audio Search

We're developing Open Audio Search, a toolset to make archives of audiovisual content full-text searchable through automatic speech recognition and tailored search indexes. In development


Sonar is a peer-to-peer database and search engine running on Hypercore Protocol. In development


Archipel is a desktop app to exchange files in a peer to peer network. It's based on the Dat 1 protocol. Discontinued and on hold


Bermuda is a community project to build a sustainable archive of open media from grassroots initiatives and social movements. Idea and sketches