Sonar is a p2p database and search engine running on top of the dat stack. We develop hyper-content-db as a json database. The search index is created with sonar-tantivy, which provide specialized javascript bindings to tantivy – a search engine library written in Rust.

We call a hyper-content-db connected with an search index through sonar-tantivy an islands.

Sonar is going to be central part of the next evolution of Archipel and Bermuda.

Modules and stack

  • hyper-content-db is our json database on top of the dat stack.
  • sonar-tantivy are our specialized javascript bindings for tantivy.
  • sonar-dat connects a hyper-content-db with a search index through sonar-tantivy.
  • sonar-server provides an HTTP api to connect to islands, manipulate and search them.
  • sonar-client provides a javascript api to speak to sonar-server.
Sonar stack